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Alarming Concerns About Chester County Schools

“What is happening in schools often sounds too ridiculous and horrible to believe. I didn’t believe it either, until I started attending school board meetings, where ordinary citizens were speaking up about absolute atrocities in our schools — right here in Chester County. This is not someone else’s problem, it’s our problem. And it’s destroying our kids. Please look at the video and the links. Then, inform your friends and family.” — Debbie R., a Chester County Mom This activity is spreading all around Pennsylvania unless we stop the advance. Do you really want drag queen events aimed at our children, as seen in Exton recently?

Watch the first video we sent you about children being groomed:

Survey: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Parents’ Rights

The Parental Rights Foundation, working with Heart and Mind Strategies, recently asked the following question of a national audience: “In general, parents have the constitutional right to make decisions for their children without government interference unless there is proof of abuse or neglect. Do you agree or disagree with this view of parental rights?”

If Schools Don’t Let Boys Into Girls’ Bathrooms, Biden Will Take Their Lunch Money

The Biden administration will require schools that receive federal funding for lunches to enforce its ban on discrimination on the basis of gender identity and let biological males into girls’ bathrooms.

All state and local agencies that receive Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) funding, including schools, will have to update their non-discrimination policies to include protections for gender identity and must investigate any allegations of discrimination on the basis of gender identity, according to a May 5 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announcement. Obama-era guidance interpreting Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to prohibit gender-identity discrimination stated that transgender students must be allowed to use the restroom, locker room and shower facility that matches their gender identity.

Great Valley: Sexually Explicit Reading Material In Libraries Available To Minors

Most States Have Exempted School Libraries From Obscenity Laws

As more states open criminal investigations into public school libraries for carrying sexually graphic books, top advocates against child exploitation said the investigations will likely be stymied by little-known exemptions that specifically exclude schools from criminal obscenity laws.

Mary McAlister, an attorney for the Child and Parental Rights Campaign, said the exemptions are allowing school librarians and other staff to expose children to material that would otherwise be criminal.

No access the Epoch Times, here is the article:

We highly recommend the Epoch Times.

Truly Indoctrination: Families Pull Children From School After Drag Queen Photos in Classroom

Stetson Middle School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, posted photos of drag queens and LGBTQ activists on the walls of classrooms for 7th graders as a part of Pride Month, according to documents obtained by the DCNF.

Josh Shapiro Wants To Expose Your Child To Porn In Public School Libraries


Parents: Does West Chester School district policy hide children's gender transitions from them?

"Does West Chester Area School District hide a student’s gender transition from parents?" resident Connie Halloway asked at an Oct. 25 school board meeting, according to the Delaware Valley Journal. The report said Halloway acquired information about the curriculum through a right-to-know request which detailed that the district does not notify parents of their children's decision to be addressed by another gender unless the child's parents approve of the change.

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