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Why the PA Department of State Fights Releasing Cast Vote Records (CVR)

Updated: Mar 7

Department of State’s lawyer, Jason McMurray:

"In the climate that we’re in currently, and in other matters, there’s always the possibility of the threat of manipulation of information,” McMurray began. “And so, when you get information such as this — raw data — from the machines, and subject to random interpretations, or people that don’t have all the facts of being able to adjudicate the information that’s in the data set, I think it could lead to a lot of misinformation. And that’s the harm here, we’re trying to prevent that. We’re trying to make sure that when you vote, your vote is counted properly and that the report of that vote is reported properly — that everyone is on the same page at the same time.

And then by allowing requests for information such as this to get out, I believe that it could be a manipulation of that type of information in the public’s eye and could lead to, you know, a lot of challenges to results that are not necessarily warranted if there’s no fraud or errors presented.”

(PCN-TV video of the arguments is found here, choose 12-23-06. Arguments begin at -1:58:56. The specific comments mentioned in this article are at -1:16:11.)

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