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Chester County Voter Rolls => 487 Date Errors

Updated: Nov 20

From 05/08/2023 Chester County FVE

Number of

Registrants Date Error

55 Registration Date before 1920 and DOB after 1920

15 DOB after Registration Date (in addition to the above)

132 Registration Date after Date_Last_Voted

266 Registration Date more than 30 days after Status_Change_Date

19 Registration Date more than 30 days after Date_Last_Changed

- DOB is the Date of Birth for the Registrant

- Registration Date is the date when the Registrant was registered to vote in PA

- Date_Last _Voted is the date the Registrant last voted in PA

- Status_Change_Date is the date of a change between active or inactive voter status

- Date_Last_Changed is the date of any other field change like Address, Name, or Gender

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