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Dr. Frank Analysis

According to data taken from the 02/01/21 PA Voter Rolls by Dr. Douglas G. Frank, almost 100 % of Chester County residents ages 70-100 are not only registered to vote, but voted in 2020.  There is great concern that our elderly community is being taken advantage of.  See the 2 links above for Dr. Frank's Chester County presentation. Dr. Frank is a renowned scientist and inventor who received his PhD in Electrochemistry.  He is a 40-year modeler of elections.  He has authored approximately 60 peer-reviewed scientific reports, including feature and cover articles in the leading scientific journals in the world (Science, Nature, Naturwissenschaften). To see what happened in every individual precinct in Chester County, click the telegram link here:

Seth Keshel Analysis

Captain Seth Keshel, a retired Army intelligence veteran and election data analyst, reported that Chester County received unusually high numbers of extra registrations and Democrat votes in the 2020 election. These numbers do not line up with historical trends of the county. In 2012 democrats gained 3,711 registrations, but had 13,522 less votes than the previous 2008 election. In 2016 democrats gained 8,639 registrations, and had 17,371 more votes than the 2012 election. In 2020, democrats had 20,388 added registrations (higher than normal) and had 40,690 more votes than 2016. Keshel suggests this could be due to phantom voters and phantom registrations. He conservatively estimates 19,000 phantom votes in Chester County.

For more information from Seth Keshel click here:

Jeff O'Donnell Analysis

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According to Jeff O’Donnell, a software and database expert, Edison data on the night of the 2020 election shows the Chester County in-person and mail-in ballot vote totals appearing to be manipulated, with the incoming vote totals dropping down and then increasing again, over and over. See the short 90- second video above showing this. Vote totals are not supposed to go down. This begs the question, is Edison manipulating the vote totals? If not Edison, then who? O’Donnell also states that there was a point in the middle of the night on November 4, 2020 when one by one, the Edison data shows every state had their vote totals set to ZERO. The Chester County data was taken from the New York Times website, saved shortly after the election.
For more details, go to:

To see election night totals set to zero go to:

To view Jeff O'Donnell's Chester County Presentation, go to:

Vico Bertogli Analysis

During a presentation on October 13, 2021, Audit The Vote PA's data analyst, Vico Bertogli, reported the above Chester County 2020 anomalies. All the anomalies are important to consider, especially the one showing 47,345 people or 15% of all voters in Chester County's 2020 election were first-time voters. Also of note, 4,469 mail-in ballots were received AFTER the election.  Please read the above slide for concerning information regarding backfilled registrations. For more information and to view the entire data presentation by ATVPA’s Vico Bertogli, click below:


On July 14, 2022, Vico Bertogli also presented information from the DePerno Law website regarding ES&S DS200 machines and what was found when a DS200 was opened up in Antrim, Michigan. Chester County uses ES&S DS200s. Of importance to note, is the above modems connect to cell phone towers, which in turn, connect to the Internet. Simply looking to see if a voting machine is connected to a Wi-Fi network will not answer if it is connected to the Internet. You have to show it is not connected to a cell tower. To read more about the information from DePerno Law, go to:

Please also specifically look at the information on this page:

To see Vico Bertogli’s presentation, please go to:

Were Chester County’s voting machines electronically hacked?

Mike Lindell, best known as the CEO of My Pillow, claims that he was approached in January of 2021 with electronic recordings of the November 2020 election, showing the election was hacked and proving that Donald Trump won. find many videos discussing the story and information, go to:

 Information on who made the electronic recordings, the technology that was used to hack the 2020 election, and affidavits/declarations discussing the technology and covert backdoors into election machines can be found in this report on pages 13 and 14. Evidence is also presented on page 12 showing specifics of how machine software is manipulating votes. Lindell calls these recordings packet-captures, or "PCAPs." Due to a protective order that has been put over the technology used to record the election, only small pieces of the PCAPs have been able to be revealed publicly to help prove their validity. Lindell posted what he could here:

While we don’t know the full story behind this posting below, we looked up the coordinates given for the hack(s) which targeted our Chester County Government Services Center in West Chester. The electronic manipulation total shows 26,156 votes were changed.

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