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By Jeff O’Donnell October 16, 2023

There is currently a movement taking place within conservative Republican circles whose goal is to convince Republicans to vote early and by mail in the upcoming 2024 general election. I cannot possibly express how terrible an idea that is.

I am the lead researcher and co-author of the “Mesa County Report #3” as well as the author of the “Fingerprints of Fraud” reports, for which I have studied 2020 election data from nearly 1,000 counties. All of this research proves beyond reasonable doubt that many of our nation’s election machines are having their election data manipulated to favor (in the most part) Democrat candidates.

My research shows that while election fraud occurred via many methods in 2020 (and since), many systems showed the following “flowchart of fraud”.

The system is deductive, manipulative, and reactive. Deductive because it determines a preliminary course of action based upon information known before the election period, manipulative because it can alter records in the registration and voting systems, and reactive because it uses the early voting period to make corrections on election day. Note that the “course corrections” can be made during the early voting period, as is seen in “Mesa County Report #3”. Also note that the correction is bound by the number of available voters (phantom voters and traditionally low-participation voters who have not yet voted).

By voting early, Republicans are providing essential data to the system which can be used to determine the course correction needed to achieve the desired result. By Republicans withholding their true numbers until election day, it makes it more likely that the algorithms in use will not be able to accurately model the situation and thus fail in their goal.

Republican voters in states where it is possible to sign up to automatically receive mail-in ballots should cancel that immediately and change to receiving an election day ballot, a once again it provides too much information to the algorithm and those who created it.

The well-intentioned but fact-challenged individuals who are calling for Republicans to vote early have used the metaphor of a football game, saying that by voting on election day we are sitting out the first three quarters of the game and having to play “catch up” in the final quarter. I challenge that metaphor with the assertion that if this was a fair game, I would agree. Republicans are, however, playing the 2000-era New England Patriots, and by voting early they are letting the Patriots know how many they need to score in the fourth quarter by whatever means necessary. (With apologies to Patriots fans reading this).

My analysis of the 2022 election shows that Republican efforts to increase election day turnout (and greater oversight of the entire process) was, on the whole, a measured success. In Arizona, this forced those committing the fraud to resort to actual physical methods – sabotage of election equipment as one example. Republicans winning control of the House of Representatives cannot be credulously spun as an intended outcome of the election. Instead of changing course, we should redouble our efforts to increase election day voting participation.

Another point brought up to support early voting is the effect of bad weather on election day. This is a valid concern, but in my opinion a failure to elect a candidate due to bad weather speaks more to that state or county’s “get out the vote” effort on election day than anything else.

All the efforts being spent to push this dangerous “bank your vote” scheme would be better spent on:

  1. Registering medium to high probability voters as early as possible. (In places that are not adopting universal registration, like Pennsylvania). Efforts to register low probability voters are counterproductive because those committing the fraud know full well that they are low-probability, and thus candidates for fraudulent votes.

  2. Organizing and improving election-day voting assistance efforts. Every registered Republican should be a) educated that they should vote on election day if humanly possible and b) provided with assistance in getting to the polls on election day, if they need it.

  3. Supporting efforts to remove election machines from counties in lieu of hand-counted paper ballots.

  4. Lobbying for the redistricting of the relatively few insanely large voting precincts in the country. No precinct should have more than 1,000 potential voters.

  5. Limiting absentee and early voting to pre-Covid levels, if not abandoned completely.

  6. Lobbying for replacement of all current registration systems in lieu of the most transparent system available, followed by a complete voluntary re-registration.

To summarize, while there are numerous methods of election fraud in use, convincing the majority of Republicans to vote on election day seriously cripples one of the methods I have found in use in hundreds of counties. Until our elections are fair, early and absentee voting provide the ammunition for fraud.

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